Partnering with nature to reduce mosquitoes and improve quality of life.

MosquitoMate, Inc., a Lexington, KY based company, is a privately-held biotechnology company.  Founded on Intellectual Property developed at the University of KentuckyDepartment of Entomology, MosquitoMate’s leadership and scientific teams are recognized worldwide for their innovation in mosquito control and for their ability to deliver biotechnology-based solutions for mosquito abatement districts, municipalities and consumers.

Current work is focused on mosquito control deficiencies, invasive mosquito species, and important vectors of human diseases.  Green, environmentally-friendly approaches to responsible mosquito control are a critical part of our business.

A green earth starts in our own backyards.

Meet our founder and scientific team

Stephen Dobson, PhD


Jimmy Mains, PhD

Wolbachia Team Leader

Karen Dobson

Operations Director

William Bacon

Facilities Manager

Jennifer Lloyd

Business Manager

2019 Staff