Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about MosquitoMate.

What is a MosquitoMate ZAP Mosquito?

It is a non-biting, male Aedes albopictus (Asian Tiger mosquito) that carries a bacterium named “Wolbachia.” Wolbachia is common throughout insects worldwide, with scientists estimating that over half of all insects naturally carry the infection.

Are ZAP mosquitoes genetically modified?

No. They are not genetically modified.  Wolbachia occurs naturally in over half of all insects and has not been genetically modified.

Do MosquitoMate mosquitoes bite or cause disease?

No.  Our ZAP mosquitoes are male mosquitoes, and male mosquitoes DO NOT BITE. Because they do not bite or blood feed, male mosquitoes do not transmit pathogens to humans, pets or other animals.

Will MosquitoMate eliminate ALL the mosquitoes in my yard?

No.  MosquitoMate ZAP male mosquitoes mate with females of the same species. These are female Asian Tiger Mosquitoes, which are invasive to the USA.  Tiger mosquitoes are active from dawn-to-dusk and are the main biting mosquito nuisance in many urban areas like Lexington. If you are being bitten by a mosquito during the day or evening, it is likely an Asian Tiger Mosquito.  By reducing this nuisance mosquito, you will be better able to enjoy your yard again.

What is the difference between the ZAP mosquito approach versus a barrier spray?

Barrier sprays often include chemicals that can kill good insects (not just mosquitoes). Additionally, barrier sprays do not reach many of the small places where mosquitoes hide and lay eggs. Barrier sprays can knock down mosquito populations, but the effectiveness wears off quickly, which requires more spraying.

MosquitoMate ZAP male mosquitoes are introduced into your yard at the beginning of the summer, when mosquito population numbers are low.  Our ZAP males will mate with the female mosquitoes that are in your yard already. When our ZAP males mate with mosquito females in your yard, those females lay eggs that do not hatch, keeping the population low, below a nuisance level.  MosquitoMate will release many ZAP males, such that a female from your yard is more likely to mate with a ZAP male versus the males that are in your yard already. The result is suppression of the Asian Tiger Mosquito population in your yard.  

Will I see lots of ZAP males in my yard?

Maybe. While many people do not notice the ZAP males, some people will notice more male mosquitoes. And every one of those ZAP males is working hard for you. And remember that male mosquitoes DO NOT BITE and do not transmit disease-causing agents.

When the city has a mosquito control operator drive a vehicle through my neighborhood with an insecticide sprayer, will it kill my MosquitoMate mosquitoes?

Typically, mosquito control vehicles drive through neighborhoods on a schedule.  MosquitoMate is aware of the posted schedules and will time releases to minimize any potential effect to the introduced ZAP males.

Will MosquitoMate harm my pets, birds, pollinators, aquatic life, garden or lawn?

MosquitoMate ZAP mosquitoes are males, which don’t bite or blood feed.  Our ZAP males are pollinators, so they can help your garden. Birds and fish may even enjoy eating a few!

Is MosquitoMate EPA approved?

Yes. We received approval from the EPA in 2017.

If my neighbor sprays chemicals to kill mosquitoes in their yard, will it kill my MosquitoMate mosquitoes?

Some of your ZAP males may cross over into your neighbor’s yard, depending upon the size of your yard, vegetation/landscaping, and proximity to your neighbor’s property.  Life is difficult for a mosquito. Other risks for mosquitoes include predators spiders, birds and dragonflies. This is another reason why MosquitoMate introduces an excess of ZAP males into your yard. 

Will MosquitoMate mosquitoes fly into my neighbor’s yard?

Depending of the size of your yard, MosquitoMate ZAP mosquitoes may travel outside the boundaries of your yard. This is a good thing, because your neighbors’ mosquitoes may be part of your mosquito problem. ZAP males that fly into an adjacent yard can sterilize mosquitoes that might have flown into your yard, helping to form a protective barrier around your yard.

Can my neighbors and I share a treatment plan?

Yes.  MosquitoMate will be glad to estimate the size and scope of the yards involved and give you an estimate for the total lot size.  Working together for mosquito control is always encouraged.

Where has MosquitoMate been tested?

MosquitoMate has had successful trials in Kentucky, New York, California and other areas of the country.

How much does MosquitoMate cost?

The answer depends on variables including the size and shape of your yard. MosquitoMate will happily provide a free estimate for a weekly application of ZAP males for the complete mosquito season.

How does the service work?

MosquitoMate will produce the ZAP mosquitoes in our facility and then deliver and release them weekly at your home throughout the mosquito season.

Why do I have to sign up for a seasonal treatment program?

The MosquitoMate ZAP method relies on the sustained presence of ZAP males to mate and sterilize female mosquitoes. When new mosquito eggs hatch or females fly into your yard, the ongoing presence of ZAP males prevents the population from rebuilding.

When do treatments begin, and when do they end?

ZAP male releases start at the beginning of the mosquito season (i.e., at first sign of mosquito activity) and continue until the mosquito population declines at the end of the season.

How often do MosquitoMate team members come to my property? Do I have to be home?

No. You do not have to be home. Ideally, we will have access to your yard, but this is not required because the ZAP mosquitoes ”self-deliver.”  

How long does it take to work?

MosquitoMate will start releasing your ZAP male mosquitoes in the spring.  Unlike traditional mosquito control, we don’t show up after you have a problem. Instead, we preempt your mosquito problem. By acting proactively, your population of Asian Tiger mosquitoes will not reach a nuisance level.

In which states has the EPA registered the sale of ZAP mosquito control?

This product is registered by the EPA in the following States and the District of Columbia: California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Maine, Maryland, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Vermont, and West Virginia.

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