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Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about MosquitoMate.

What is a MosquitoMate WB1 Mosquito?

It is a non-biting, male Aedes aegypti (Yellow Fever mosquito) that carries a bacterium named “Wolbachia.” Wolbachia is common throughout insects worldwide, with scientists estimating that over half of all insects naturally carry the infection.

Are WB1 mosquitoes genetically modified?

No. They are not genetically modified.  Wolbachia occurs naturally in over half of all insects and has not been genetically modified.

Do MosquitoMate mosquitoes bite or cause disease?

No.  Our WB1 mosquitoes are male mosquitoes, and male mosquitoes DO NOT BITE. Because they do not bite or blood feed, male mosquitoes do not transmit pathogens to humans, pets or other animals.

Will MosquitoMate eliminate ALL the mosquitoes in my area?

No.  MosquitoMate WB1 male mosquitoes mate with females of the same species. These are female Yellow Fever mosquitoes, which are invasive to the USA.  Yellow Fever mosquitoes are active from dawn-to-dusk and are the main biting mosquito nuisance in many urban areas. If you are being bitten by a mosquito during the day or evening, it is likely a Yellow Fever Mosquito. 

What is the difference between the WB1 mosquito approach versus a barrier spray?

Barrier sprays often include chemicals that may not reach many of the small places where mosquitoes hide and lay eggs. Barrier sprays can knock down mosquito populations, but the effectiveness wears off quickly, which requires more spraying.

MosquitoMate male mosquitoes are introduced into your neighborhood at the beginning of the summer, when mosquito population numbers are low.  Our males will mate with the female mosquitoes that are in your area already. When our males mate with mosquito females, those females lay eggs that do not hatch, keeping the population low, below a nuisance level.  MosquitoMate will release many males, such that a female mosquito in your neighborhood is more likely to mate with a MosquitoMate male versus the males that are in your area already. The result is suppression of the Yellow Fever Mosquito population in your yard.  

Will I see lots of WB1 males in my neighborhood?

Maybe. While many people do not notice the WB1 males, some people will notice more male mosquitoes. And every one of those WB1 males is working hard for you. And remember that male mosquitoes DO NOT BITE and do not transmit disease-causing agents.

When the city has a mosquito control operator drive a vehicle through my neighborhood with an insecticide sprayer, will it kill my MosquitoMate mosquitoes?

Typically, mosquito control vehicles drive through neighborhoods on a schedule.  MosquitoMate is aware of the posted schedules and will time releases to minimize any potential effect to the introduced WB1 males.

Will MosquitoMate harm my pets, birds, pollinators, aquatic life, garden or lawn?

MosquitoMate WB1 mosquitoes are males, which don’t bite or blood feed.  Our WB1 males are pollinators, so they can help your garden. Birds and fish may even enjoy eating a few!

Is MosquitoMate EPA approved?

Yes. The WB1 males have been approved by the EPA for experimental use.

Where has MosquitoMate been tested?

MosquitoMate has had successful trials in Florida, Kentucky, New York, California and other areas of the country.

How does the program work?

MosquitoMate will produce the WB1 mosquitoes in our facility and then deliver and release them weekly in your neighborhood throughout the mosquito season.

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