How does MosquitoMate technology work?


MosquitoMate starts releasing male ZAP mosquitoes weekly in your yard at the beginning of the mosquito season. Fact: Male mosquitoes don’t bite. We release ZAP males to mate with Asian Tiger mosquito females, which are invasive to the USA. The resulting eggs do not hatch, decreasing your biting mosquito population. Our technology only impacts mosquitoes and does not harm or affect other insects, including bees and butterflies.  It’s that simple.

How effective is MosquitoMate technology?

MosquitoMate completed successful trials in Lexington, Kentucky, California, and New York.  Trials have demonstrated a greater than 80% reduction of the biting mosquito populations.

What is Wolbachia?

MosquitoMate is responsible mosquito control that doesn’t utilize genetic engineering.

We rely on a natural approach rather than genetic modification to reduce the mosquito population in your backyard. We utilize a bacterium called Wolbachia, which is common among insects. Scientists estimate that Wolbachia is one of the most common bacteria on the planet, occurring naturally in over half of all insect species, including bees, butterflies, dragonflies and many mosquito species.  It cannot be transmitted to people, pets or any warm-blooded animals.

We breed and release male mosquitoes
Only females bite
Males find females to mate
No eggs hatch and the lifecycle is interrupted
The result is a significant reduction in the mosquito population

Did you know?

Only female mosquitoes bite and transmit disease.  Nothing finds a female mosquito better than a male mosquito.  Our ZAP males will find and mate with Asian Tiger Mosquito females.  The Asian Tiger Mosquito is the nuisance  day time biting mosquito and is not native to the USA.