Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some commonly asked questions to help you become familiar with our service.

What is a MosquitoMate ZAP Mosquito?

A ZAP male mosquito is an Aedes albopictus mosquito (common name: Tiger mosquito) that carries a naturally-occurring bacterium called Wolbachia.  This bacterium occurs naturally in 60-70% of all insects that are already in your yard.  Our ZAP Male mosquitoes are NOT genetically modified (non GMO). ZAP males do NOT bite and do NOT transmit disease causing agents.

Will MosquitoMate eliminate ALL the mosquitoes in my yard?

No.  MosquitoMate ZAP male mosquitoes will mate with invasive Tiger mosquito females, which are not native to the USA.  Female Tiger mosquitoes bite from dawn-to-dusk. They are the main nuisance mosquito in urban areas in Kentucky. If you are getting bitten by a mosquito during the day in Kentucky, it is likely a Tiger Mosquito.  By reducing this nuisance mosquito, you will be better able to enjoy your yard again.

What is an invasive mosquito?

‘Invasive mosquitoes’ are mosquitoes from another region of the world that don’t belong in their new environment. ZAP mosquitoes target the Tiger mosquito from Asia. This invasive species is known as a potential carrier of dog heartworm, and it is known to carry other disease pathogens globally. 

Mosquito Control Target: Aedes Albopictus - Asian Tiger Mosquito

How does the MosquitoMate service work?

MosquitoMate produces the ZAP mosquitoes at our Lexington Kentucky facility and then delivers and releases them weekly at your property throughout the mosquito season. We typically release near shady areas and places of dense vegetation on your property.

Will I see ZAP males in my yard?

You may notice more male mosquitoes in your yard. And every one of those ZAP males is working hard for you.  Male mosquitoes DO NOT BITE and do not transmit disease-causing agents.  

When do applications begin and when do they end?

ZAP male releases start at the beginning of the mosquito season (i.e., at first sign of mosquito activity) and continue until the mosquito population declines at the end of the season; this is approximately a 20 week / 40 application plan. The MosquitoMate method relies on the sustained presence of our ZAP male mosquitoes to mate and sterilize tiger female mosquitoes. When new mosquito eggs hatch or females fly into your property, the ongoing presence of ZAP males prevents the population from increasing. 

MosquitoMate releases an excess of ZAP males, relative to the number of wild type males in your yard. Male mosquitoes DO NOT BITE! More ZAP males means better odds that female mosquitoes will mate with ZAP males (i.e., instead of mating with the male Tiger mosquitoes that are already in your yard). The result is suppression of the Tiger Mosquito in your yard. 

Can I start MosquitoMate in the middle of mosquito season? How long does it take to work?

Not typically. MosquitoMate starts releasing ZAP males in mid spring, when the mosquito population numbers are low.

In order for us to achieve optimal results in your yard, MosquitoMate will start releasing your ZAP male mosquitoes in the spring, i.e., early to mid May.  Unlike traditional mosquito control, we don’t show up after you have a problem. Instead, we preempt your mosquito problem. With this  proactive method, your population of Tiger mosquitoes will not reach a nuisance level.

How often do MosquitoMate professionals come to my property? Do I have to be at home?

Our professional applicators visit your property twice a week to apply your treatment. You do not need to be at home. Ideally we will have access to your yard, but this is not required. Even if released over a small area, our ZAP males will move to find the female Tiger mosquitoes throughout your yard. They know where to find female mosquitoes.

What other services are included in the MosquitoMate service plan?

Additional services can be included with your MosquitoMate service and can include the regular removal of standing water, applying mosquito dunks to standing water sources, and recurring surveillance of your property for mosquito breeding sites.

Will MosquitoMate harm my pets, birds, pollinators, or aquatic life?

No.  MosquitoMate ZAP males do not carry any chemicals or toxins. They are non toxic and non GMO. Male mosquitoes are pollinators. Male mosquitoes will not bite you or your pets.  Birds and fish may even enjoy eating a few!

What is the difference between the MosquitoMate approach versus a barrier spray?

Most barrier sprays include chemicals that can kill good insects (not just mosquitoes). Additionally, barrier sprays do not reach the small places containing water where mosquitoes like to breed and lay eggs. Barrier sprays can knock down adult mosquito populations, but the effectiveness wears off quickly.

MosquitoMate does not do barrier spraying. Instead we introduce ZAP male mosquitoes to sterilize female Tiger mosquitoes in your yard. ZAP males only mate with female Tiger mosquitoes and not the good/beneficial insects in your yard.

Is MosquitoMate scientifically tested and EPA registered?

MosquitoMate is a University of Kentucky patented technology and has had successful projects in Kentucky, Texas, Florida, California and other areas of the country. Several of these projects are published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. We are EPA registered in 20 states. Contact us for more information.

If my neighbor sprays chemicals to kill mosquitoes in their yard, will it kill my MosquitoMate mosquitoes?

Some of your ZAP males may cross into your neighbor’s yard depending upon the size of your yard, vegetation/landscaping, and proximity to your neighbor’s property.  MosquitoMate can help coordinate the timing of ZAP male releases with your neighbor’s spraying. 

Will MosquitoMate mosquitoes fly into my neighbor’s yard?

Depending on the size of your yard, MosquitoMate ZAP mosquitoes may travel outside your yard. This can be a good thing, because your neighbors’ mosquitoes may be part of your mosquito problem. ZAP males that fly into an adjacent yard can sterilize female mosquitoes that might fly into your yard, forming a protective barrier around your yard.

What do I do if there is a problem with the timing of my release schedule?

 Contact us through phone (859.488.1125) or email (contact@mosquitomate.com), and we will work with you to adjust the release schedule.

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