Results of Debug Fresno Published !

In 2017, we were happy to announce a new venture in which Verily Life Sciences would join with our efforts in California, along with the Consolidated Mosquito Abatement District to target the invasive Yellow Fever mosquito (Aedes aegypti). The new collaboration was...

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Congratulations to our Collaborators!

The 2018 Debug Fresno project has concluded with excellent results, observing a 95% reduction in the treated areas, relative to the untreated areas. For a full description, see this link.  This is not only a better result than prior years, but the teams were also able...

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Launch of Debug Fresno

As described in a recent blog post, we are happy to announce that the ‘Debug Fresno’ project has started. The work is being performed under the leadership of the Consolidated Mosquito Control District and in collaboration with Verily Life Sciences. The Debug Fresno...

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A New Partnership

Valentine's Day is about love. And so too is MosquitoMate technology.  Love between mosquitoes! And because there are lots of female mosquitoes, we need lots of male mosquitoes to spread the love around. So there is no day better than Valentine's Day to announce a new...

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Male Mosquitoes as Vehicles for Insecticide

It is difficult to find developing mosquitoes, even for professionals. Mosquito sites can be as small as a thimble or 30ft high in a tree. For this reason, a commonly used approach is 'broad casting.' Flood the area with chemicals to increase the probability...

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Less chemicals. No genetic modification

MosquitoMate technology is based on new technology, which can be integrated with existing methods or used alone. Where other methods fail, our technology can reduce and eliminate mosquitoes. Key to our technologies is our use of non-biting male mosquitoes, which can effectively find and treat female mosquitoes that bite, blood feed and transmit important diseases.