Valentine’s Day is about love. And so too is MosquitoMate technology.  Love between mosquitoes!

And because there are lots of female mosquitoes, we need lots of male mosquitoes to spread the love around.

So there is no day better than Valentine’s Day to announce a new partnership with The Debug Project of Verily Life Sciences.

Debug’s mission is to use science, automation and robotics to improve the quantity and quality of mosquito mass rearing and release.

“What is to be done with all these mosquitoes,” you may ask? We release male mosquitoes as a ‘pesticide.’  Male mosquitoes don’t bite, blood feed or transmit disease. And our male mosquitoes reduce your mosquito problem, because every female mosquito in your yard that mates with one of our males becomes effectively sterile. And if enough of your mosquito population is sterile, then the next generation is smaller, and eventually your mosquito problem can go away.

For this to work, we need lots of male mosquitoes… to spread the love.

Hello Debug. Let’s go spread the (mosquito) love.