As described in a recent blog post, we are happy to announce that the ‘Debug Fresno’ project has started. The work is being performed under the leadership of the Consolidated Mosquito Control District and in collaboration with Verily Life Sciences.

The Debug Fresno project is ambitious in that it exceeds the scale performed previously in MosquitoMate trials and by using Verily’s next generation automation to produce and release the Wolbachia-infected mosquitoes.

As with anything new, we are expecting to learn a lot and to encounter challenges.  Whether it be unexpected technical issues or uncooperative weather, we look forward to finding solutions, as we have in the past.

As in prior field work, we are most grateful to the people of Clovis and Fresno, who have given their support and made this work possible. We look forward to working alongside these cities again this year, in another step forward.

The MosquitoMate Team