EPA Registered Technology

Developed in Kentucky, MosquitoMate uses a new approach to reduce mosquitoes in your yard.  Our ZAP male mosquitoes (non-biting!) are introduced to your yard to FIND and MATE with female mosquitoes.

A female mated to a ZAP male is effectively sterile, and her eggs won’t hatch. The result is the chemical free reduction of mosquitoes, which doesn’t affect bees, butterflies or other beneficial insects. Learn more…

Plan Includes:

  • Full 2021 mosquito season
  • Approximately 20 weeks with 40 applications 
  • ZAP males delivered twice per week
  • No chemicals, Non-GMO and EPA Registered
  • OMRI listed, For Organic Use
  • Summer long surveillance for mosquito breeding by professional applicators
  • Bimonthly activity reports
  • Optional convenient installment payment plan
  • FREE mosquito breeding site removal and treatment (optional)
  • Price calculated for ~1/4 acre homeowner yard and ~1 acre Commercial property.
  • Price is subject to change for larger properties.
  • Price does not include Kentucky sales tax and fees

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Partnering with Nature to reduce mosquitoes and improve quality of life