Lexington Homeowners

Lexington Homeowners

Summer Contract

With a summer contract, a MosquitoMate professional applicator will visit your home weekly throughout the mosquito season and release ZAP male mosquitoes to reduce populations of the invasive Tiger mosquito around your home.

Partnering With Nature...


2019 Full Seasonal Plan

Lexington, KY

$1500$1200/Full Season

  • 20% off special offer
  • Weekly treatments throughout the mosquito season
  • Covers the full 2019 Lexington KY mosquito season
  • Bimonthly activity reports
  • We start early to prevent Tiger mosquitoes, without using chemicals
  • Optional convenient monthly payment plan – four payments of $300/month
  • *Price calculated for ~1/4 acre Lexington urban area yard. Price may be subject to change for larger yards. Contact us for a free estimate